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Aluminum Norf GmbH
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Neuss, Germany
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The challenge

As the largest aluminum smelting plant in the world, Alunorf needs a lot of space: the Alunorf site covers around 60 soccer fields. More than 2,300 employees work here, but due to the size of the site, many colleagues never meet. The idea: to bridge the distance with video communication, to enable participation, to communicate authentically and thus to create a bond with each other as well as with the company.

What are the options when you want to use video in corporate communications, but the communications team consists of only one person? "I rely on tools that are not only easy to use, but also take work off my hands," says Marike Bartels, Head of Corporate Communications

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»cofenster made it very easy for us to get started with the subject of video.«

Marike Bartels, Manager Unternehmenskommunikation

The solution

With cofenster, a video can be produced with just a few clicks, because the software has automated essential processes. The effort remains low, even if third parties are involved. The cofenster team has also been committed to very high data protection regulations right from the start and has thought of everything: the software is DSGVO-compliant.

For the communications manager, it was a stroke of luck: Not only were more videos created than planned - video became an integral part of internal communications in a very short time. For example, new employees are always introduced by video, management reports on shareholders' meetings are always shared in the form of a video, and farewell videos are made for employees who are soon to retire, in which the colleagues say goodbye in person.


The results

Thanks to cofenster, space is created for encounters: Employees can easily participate, the corporate culture can be conveyed more directly and the organization can be better communicated. The various videos also strengthen employee loyalty: Creating videos together without much effort brings colleagues together whose paths would otherwise not cross.

“We are currently planning to use short videos in other areas, for example in knowledge transfer or for training purposes. We are not only doing this to remain attractive as an employer to the new generation. As one of the largest employers in the region, we have the task of serving all employees at the highest level of communication - that is the contribution that communication can make. cofenster supports us in this."

CEO of cofenster Tom Vollmer is smiling into a camera behind him is concrete.

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