Help us bring empathyto the workplace

Fight together with us against bad and missing communication with the power of video.

The whole cofenster team is screaming, waving and laughing.
The whole cofenster team is screaming, waving and laughing.

The world is better with Empathy

Our team members are passionate, curious and ambitious people from all over the world, working together to achieve one goal: to increase empathy in the workplace.

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The three cofounders of cofenster: Finn Frotscher, Olli Wegner, Tom Vollmer

Who we are and how we want to be

Two cofenster employees in safety clothes looking weird.

Embrace what makes us special

cofenster was founded by oddballs. We are plentiful and diverse, and we don't let our differences inhibit our confidence. Diverse power makes our company resilient, adaptable, and strong.

Customer Success Manager Nokja is shaking hand of dog

Communicate with intent

At cofenster we believe that communication is the mother of all skills. Mastering it is our biggest leverage. We want to communicate with intent. We practice candor with care.

Marco Account Executive is standing in front of a workshop wall and is explaining

Build systems that last

If we do the basics right, we will not have a headache in the future. This is because we anticipate and integrate outside influences.

Olli the CTO is maintaining work sitting at his desk.

Time is our most precious value

For us to strive and survive, our most important resource is time. We move fast and get things done and are mindful about the time of everyone at cofenster.

Customer Success Manager Nokja is shaking hand of dog
the marketing team of cofenster having lunch
cofenster team filming eachother
Mika and Inés shooting a picture together
The cofenster team enjoying the sun.
cofenster employees on the OMR festival
The cofenster Team celebrating another success.

A great place to work

Great things are built by great people. Our People-focused culture was recognised with a top company award in 2022 by Kununu, and sports a 5 star rating on Glassdoor.”

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Authentic content is our bread and butter

Frequently asked questions

Can I apply even if I don't see a matching position?

Yes. Please feel free to send us a direct message. We're happy to connect and see how you can add value to our team.

I just submitted my application, what can I expect?

We aim to respond to everyone within 1-2 weeks. At that time, we’ll let you know if we’d like to speak with you, need more information, or if your application isn’t a fit for what we’re looking for at the time.

If I’m turned down, will you provide me with feedback so that I can improve?

We know that constructive criticism is really important for your career path. We try our best to give personalised feedback but cannot guarantee it.

There are a lot of exciting jobs listed  - can I apply even though I don’t live in Germany?

Yes. We offer different options to work at cofenster and are happy to find the perfect solution for both you and us.

I have all of the qualifications listed, but I wasn’t offered an interview.

Why? – We wish that we could speak with every candidate, but the number of highly qualified applicants for a role is often too high to allow for it. You can be sure that every hiring decision is difficult for us and therefore well thought out.

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