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The challenge

Bertling had a plan. Do away with long manuals and monotonous announcements and establish video as an effective communication tool. The goal was to get employees more excited and involved. Even before the Corona crisis, Bertling wanted to present itself in a more modern and visual way. The plan was to show employees in their everyday work, to convey emotions, authenticity and know-how.

Stephanie Lüning head of Marketing of Bertling Logistics smiling into the camera

"The cofenster videos, which are so easy to produce, open up unimagined possibilities for us."

Stephanie Lüning, Director of Tendering & Marketing

The solution

Bertling chose cofenster's software because they wanted a central tool that could be used to define layouts, styles and templates and that was easy to use. Finally, they wanted to give the tool to as many employees as possible so that many video projects could be implemented in the shortest possible time and video could establish itself as a central communication format.


The results

Thanks to cofenster, Bertling has successfully introduced video as an effective communication in the company and re-inspired a sense of togetherness among colleagues in the company. Since then, particularly challenging shipments or transports are filmed on site, produced decentrally via the cofenster app and disseminated on social media, thus strengthening transparency and customer proximity. Internal communication is professionalised and presented in a contemporary way: Internally, the CEO of Bertling Logistics and the respective department heads communicate their messages to the employees increasingly in video format from now on, and for training purposes tutorials, explanatory videos and webinars guarantee a better learning effect. Video series such as "Three Minutes with ..." and "congratulations videos" improve internal employee branding within the company and have a positive effect on employee satisfaction.

"The easy-to-produce cofenster videos have opened up unimagined possibilities for us in various areas of internal and external communication, which we now need to gradually tap into. We are already looking forward to the results!"

CEO of cofenster Tom Vollmer is smiling into a camera behind him is concrete.

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