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The challenge

Preparing career development plans for team members: These are among the tasks of the Human Resources & Organizational Development team at Carlsberg. Tasks that are normally shaped by a strong feeling of togetherness between colleagues and were completely eliminated under the constraints of Corona. Due to the pandemic, the onboarding of new employees and the communicative support of the merger of Carlsberg and Wernesgrüner also becomes a unique challenge for the P&O team. The team were asking themselves how the company's culture can be conveyed despite hybrid work and how the measures they have developed can also affect the home office because not all Corona-related consequences for the employees can be offset internally.

"We rely a lot on internal resources so that employees don't have to interrupt their training, for example. However, the question for us was: How do we manage to convey our culture during onboarding processes as well as during the merger with Wernersgrüner? We wanted to maintain and show authenticity, as it can be found in the daily office routine in every local company. What better format to use than video?"

Christine Reisig, HR Manager Organizational- & People Development smiling into the camera

"cofenster has helped us tremendously in connecting employees and providing fun and motivation."

Christine Reisig, HR Manager Organizational- & People Development

The solution

With the video solution from cofenster, the P&O team makes personal onboarding possible in the blink of an eye despite social distance: With lively video messages, new employees are introduced to the company structures from day one. This not only creates a personal first impression, but also helps build trust from day one.

The addition of e-learning videos also enhances the entire area of further development for employees. And the measures accompanying the merger with Wernersgrüner were implemented as planned.


The results

cofenster has helped Carlsberg to keep employees together despite the home office situation, to connect new employees and to convey fun and motivation - and at the same time to convey its corporate culture in an authentic way.

"Videos create closeness. cofenster has helped us enormously to connect employees and to convey fun and motivation. And because the effort to create a video with cofenster is so low, we suddenly have a much higher willingness to create videos internally. We're very happy about that, because we'll be relying on video even more in the future."

CEO of cofenster Tom Vollmer is smiling into a camera behind him is concrete.

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