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Introducing an initiative - The female network

Video Styles
  • Vlog
  • Interview
Video Goals
  • Connect employees
  • Communicate Change
cofenster Features involved
  • Automated subtitles
  • Animated text
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How this video template can solve your communication problem

By introducing the Female Network initiative through this video, it enhances team cohesion as it informs and encourages team members to actively engage in it.
Furthermore, this video serves as a powerful communication tool to convey organizational changes and emphasize the significance of fostering a diverse and inclusive work environment.

cofenster Tip

The same shot over a long period of time can quickly become boring. Rather keep cutting footage for illustration between shots of the moderating person.

Storyboard preview

Introducing an initiative - The female network

Scene 1

Image Upload: Start the video with a thematic introduction: use the option to upload a creative thumbnail that includes the title.

Scene 2

Video Upload: Use lots of different behind the scenes footage to visualize the topic of the video. You don't need audio here.

Scene 3

Video Upload: Introduce the founders of the initiative by recording them in a full body shot.

Scene 4

Animated text: Ask the interview partners questions. The question can be displayed as animated text before the answer.



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