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Behind the scenes of an award ceremony

Video Styles
  • Vlog
  • Group video
Video Goals
  • Build a company culture
  • Strengthen employer brand
cofenster Features involved
  • Automated subtitles
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How this video template can solve your communication problem

Behind-the-scenes material, which is recorded at an event, provides a very good look into the processes of a company.
In this way, the employer brand can be brought to the fore and the company can position itself as a modern and innovative employer.

cofenster Tip

The same shot over a long period of time can quickly become boring. Rather keep cutting footage for illustration between shots of the moderating person.

Storyboard preview

Behind the scenes of an award ceremony

Scene 1

Video Upload: Start with some introductory impressions from the event where the Behind the Scenes footage was recorded.

Scene 2

Video Upload: Establish the narrator of the video by having the person explain the event and what the viewer can expect from the video.

Scene 3

Video Upload: Show a few places and or setup/dismantling moments to make it clear that these are behind the scenes shots.

Scene 4

Video Upload: Invite other people to share what happens at the event in the video.



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